Product List

Main dealer for all EBC Products:
Standard brake pads
HH Sintered brake pads
Extreme Pro Race brake pads
Brake Shoes
Standard brake discs
Contour wavy brake discs
Clutch kits
(Any EBC product not in stock can normally be delivered direct from EBC within 24 hours)
NGK Spark Plugs & Plug Caps
Varta Batteries
All Morris Lubricants products:
2 Stroke Oil (from part to fully synthetic)
4 Stroke Oil (from part to fully synthetic)
Gear Oil (75w, 80/85w and 85/90w)
Fork Oil (variety of viscosities)
Brake Cleaner
Carb Cleaner
MD4 (equivalent of WD40)
MLR fully synthetic chain lube
DID/ Triple S Chains
JT Sprockets
Gates Drive Belts
Hi Flo oil and air Filters
Pirelli scooter tyres
Vee Rubber tyres
Inner tubes
Tyreweld and other repair kits
Bearings (wheel and headrace)
Fork Seals
Cleaning Products
Chrome Cleaner
Engine degreasant
Workshop Consumables:
Blue Roll
VHT Paint
Vinyl/Latex Gloves
Tax disc holders (Plastic, Metal and Chrome)
L-Plates (self adhesive, thick and clamp on)
Abus & Mammoth Security products
Battery chargers (optimate and other brands)
Safety equipment
Hi Vis jackets (all sizes)
Hi Vis vests
Hi Vis belts
Winter Clothing
Balaclavas (silk or cotton)
Handlebar Mitts
Heated Grips
Bike Covers (canvas and plastic, all sizes)